Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Watch out for your blood...

                  Watch out for your blood...
One day a boy name Mark was walking in the forest just to meet up with his friends, Josh, Matt and Mike. When he met them, they played for 2 hours in the forest by playing Tag, Cheat, Hide and Seek. but in the middle of the game Hide and Seek, As Mark his hiding spot jumped into it and hid there from his friends.  When his friend who was seeking found everyone except Mark.

His friends were worried about where Mark has gone too. They checked everywhere but there was no sight of him, not a single footprint was left in the dirt, considering the dirt was dry and put dusty. They checked everywhere and every corner  of the forest, still no sight of him. Then the boys found Mark's jacket, they thought to themselves,
"Hmm... Mark must have left his jacket while running”....
Suddenly there was eye catching tracks that were shaped as a triangle, they must have thought it was a shark, that was the only shaped triangle arms of legs. The friends thought of, a shark, but they laughed and laughed because they said there are no such things as a hark in a forest. As they turned back to head straight home they suddenly stood there like nothing happened, as they stood there staring at this humongous ugly creepy monster Josh suddenly held up this heavy stick that looked like a log and instantaneously strike the shark with a herculean strength. As its head spins around, Josh hurried and collected his friends and ran into caves after caves still running, suddenly Josh was getting frustrated scared. While Josh stood there the shark suddenly blocked them and it looked so hungry. As they were about to run it was getting foggy and they couldn’t see through, suddenly the shark appeared behind them and ate them up, there blood was dripping between its teeth and their bones was crushed into bits and piece....

As Mark was hiding under his hiding spot while waiting for his friends to tag him. When Mark was worn out waiting for his friends to get there, he got up and ran as fast as he could like a cheetah sprinting for its prey. Like Mark running mysteriously thinking of his to friends to tag him. But suddenly he arrived and noticing something just went wrong and thought that his friends were hiding away from him. As Mark thought again he stood back and took a huge breath in and out it comes,
‘Guuuys! Come out!...The game is over I made it to the home spot!’...
After that loud mysterious shouting voice, Mark thought that that loud voice of his could make his friends appear to him but it didn’t. As Mark stood waiting, suddenly he felt something that was blowing into his ears. But then not a second or a minute something big and humongous stood flying at the front of his face.  

As Mark suddenly stood there like a frozen mammoth that was frozen by ice, this humongous creature that was staring at him like a hungry bloody monster that wants to taste blood, Its face was crooked as its sharp liquidy teeth with blood on it and  its nose was pointing upwards like an arrow and long as an elephant trunk. While Mark standing like an idiot the monster that was staring at him was opening its mouth to take a huge bite off from Marks blood. Suddenly Mark came a light again dodged the Shark’s bite and lifted his toes and ran as fast he could. As Mark was running thinking that he left the shark behind with his fast tiptoeing skills but then he suddenly saw the shark going through trees and cutting it with its crooked sharp teeth.

While Mark was running he didn’t even notice that he was injured or scratched but when he saw an alleyway to his home and as he took the alleyway the shark swims through the bushes and through the fence and ate Mark into its yucky slimy belly.  

By: Vaughan

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